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Wheelchair Lifts & Ramps Require Extra Room


It is often necessary to park the opposite way on streets, at the curb in shopping centers and in unique positions in order to accommodate our specially equipped vehicles.



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Thank you so much for your interest in these laminated Handicap Parking Placards. After receiving several parking tickets (for my unique parking), I decided to create a placard that I could display in my windshield.


As anyone with a lift or ramp knows, those handicap parking spaces are not always wide enough for our special needs. And if those few handicap parking spaces are taken, we can not just park in any space because of all the extra room we need. Curb parking is not much easier, as trees, fences, uneven ground, and so on, make lowering a lift or ramp impossible.


I was also inspired to make these placards after speaking to a friend whose daughter has Cerebral Palsy. My friend told me that she frequently must let her daughter out of the van (in a spot that can accommodate the wheelchair lift), then she must leave her daughter unattended while she goes to park her van in a parking space.





Although I have been successful in getting any parking tickets that Iíve received dismissed, I did not enjoy having to go through the process.


Since I began using these placards I have not received a single parking ticket.


I hope these laminated placards are as helpful for you as they have been for me. And I thank you for your order.




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